Moving Image

"Oh no, I need some fancy words about life and moving images to put here." - Abmon (as I was updating this website)

Moving Image (2023)

Villafied - Demons

5-piece metal-core band Villafied want to scream at your demons with you.

Gabe (7min Riff)

A guitar riff that starts amongst the clouds and takes you to the cosmos.

Loose Crew (Pig&Whistle)

Journey into a Saturday night at the pub with this video.

Welcome Home (Instrumental)

Musician Gabriel Hofsteede serves tea and magic, as he shreds from the comforts of his lounge..

Torr - August

Witchy Weirdo Tayla McHardie takes us for a piano-inspired journey through the realms of her universe.

Psychski De Set - ADHD (30second freestyle)

Rap lyricist Psychski De Set and Friends spit some bars as the inspiration flows.