'Mini, You Take photos like no one is watching. It's like the subject doesn't even know you are there" - A friend.

My tell-it-as-it-is style strives to evoke thoughts and discussions while remaining eye-grabbing and soul-fulfilling. My raw fly-on-the-wall imagery hopefully brings a smile to the faces of every viewer with each click of my camera. The candidness of my images hopes to translate the stories and energies of the people and land within them through small intimate details and in-the-moment expressions.


Photography is like a missing puzzle piece within me. It is my best friend when the nights are lonely, it's my companion when the roads are long, and, they will live on well past my expiry date. Stumbling upon this photographic journey through mishaps and happy accidents has allowed me to slow down in my own life and remain present at the moment even more. This inspired me to hopefully be present within your moments, capturing the beauty that you radiate for future generations to come.

"I Hope you smile today". - Abmon Photos

Who Am I?

What got you into Photography?

Heaps of photographers probably feel this - Without my camera, I would be well past my best before date! So, I could argue the answer to this would be LIFE! like I wish I could give a straight answer to this but I honestly can't pinpoint the exact moment when I knew this is what I will spend the rest of my life chasing. I dabbled in it growing up, playing around with mum's Canon Ixus H5 but the lens completely found me during my years of study. Where I fell in love with its ability to freeze moments in time forever, its ability to shelter me from the loneliness of this world, and its ability to slow my overactive wandering mind. It's one of the few things that allow me to be at peace and this is a feeling I hope to capture until the day I die.

What is your workflow like?

I see a photo shoot in 4 stages. Stage one is the organizing and pre-planning, and Stage 2 is the actual photoshoot. Stage 3 is post-production (Lightroom/Photoshop) and Stage 4 is delivery (Pixieset) and feedback.

My Favourite Photographers?

My wintec Tutors Geoff Ridder, and Mark Purdom who first helped me walk amongst the photographic realm.
Then, there are the homies like Lucid Blind (Ash), AuahaPhotography (Tayla), Nicole Crossley Photography, and the magician behind the lens Kelsey Harding Photography. Who all inspire me and my imagery whether they realize or not. But, I could argue the case that it's anyone taking photos because, through the small act of capturing images, they are preserving the magic of photography.

When you go out to shoot, do you take any essential items other than a camera and lens?

Yes. You'll have to experience me on a shoot to ever discover what they are though because I have two items I carry always for good luck and confidence. One is a childhood obsession rediscovered as an adult and another is a quirky gift from a past friend.

What Period of Time would I wish I was born in? 

I love 2023 for the fact that we live in a more open-minded society where we are slowly getting closer and closer to complete equality and acceptance as people as a whole. But, If I was to choose an era other than this one I would have to say it would be the late 70s and early 80s. This was the time of true and pure experimental of culture. Whether it be music, societal, and/or experimental, there was so much discovery and things that influence media today all happening during this period.

What would the movie title of my life be called?

I would title it “Staying Vibrant (a look inside the mind of a creative visionary) and it will follow something along the lines of this: the main character (me) could be described as a charismatic, vibrantly creative, and empathetic introverted extrovert, who strives for greatness by ensuring every little detail has its purpose. The story arc would follow something like this - A young kid is born into a world, where he feels like he just doesn't belong. No matter how hard he tries to fit in. But, when creating and crafting what he calls magic (art), that longing to belong is fulfilled. Life will throw many unexpected curveballs to test this young kid's vision and dream, causing him to get swept up in the whirlpool of capitalism and making money but through art, media, and culture. He was able to find his way back to the light of creation. Leading him up the sunlit stairs of Wintec into a 3-year degree studying Communications majoring in Moving Image. While his time at Wintec was brief he would go through self-discovery changes and delve deeper into this light of creation. Post Wintec he would wander around for a few years taking photos and building connections until one day we woke up as a photographer and decides to chase this dream.

What would I do if i won lotto?

Firstly, this question is too open because it doesn’t give the full story. How much is this lotto win? How much would I lose in tax? Am I winning off a scratch-ticket or a lotto ticket? Do people know I won the lotto? Will I be treated different if people know? Is this lotto win within my own borders or overseas? Is it big enough of a win to stop working? Can I buy a house using my winnings? So many unanswered questions, that for this question I will assume that the amount won will be enough to fulfil every dream I have, but, then that opens up more questions like – what happens when someone’s dreams are all completed? Do they feel satisfied or disappointed? Anyways, I’ll answer the question. I would keep enough to survive with no worries and then the rest will go towards bettering the live of my family, friends and others whether that be buying them all houses to funding scholarships for creative minds like myself to go study aboard where ideas and visions will flourish. I would use the money for good. However, would winning this money change my perspective and values? Would winning this money shift my ideas and beliefs? Then maybe I might just keep it all for myself? I’ve never been financially rich, so I honestly couldn’t really answer this question as I am talking about money and change from an outsiders perspectives.